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Our Methods

Our Methods and Materials

At Prisma you will practise all four basic skills: listening, reading, speaking and writing. The emphasis is however placed on speaking - for a language is learnt mainly through speaking. We lead you from imitative through guided-productive to free speech. For what good are rules of grammar and vocabulary if your are not able to carry on a conversation face to face?

Our course-leaders know how to get you talking. In general we choose methods of working and practising which encourage speech, e.g. dialogue drills between partners, interviews, work in small groups. And our motto is: no harm in making mistakes!

For mistakes are necessary and welcome steps along the path to successful learning. Whoever speaks a lot, makes a lot of mistakes, but only to begin with. By doing so, one becomes more receptive to the new language and therefore picks it up faster and with greater ease.

For all languages we have selected up-to-date textbooks and audio-visual programmes full of interesting pictures, texts, contemporary situations and dialogues which readily lend themselves to speaking practice in class. The spectrum is rounded off with written and oral exercises for practising structures. In addition to the diverse textbook topics we also employ worksheets, transparencies, learning games, video sequences and - for advanced groups - authentic materials such as newspaper articles.

Another aspect to speaking is pronunciation: by means of varied phonetic training our teachers introduce you to the sounds and rhythms of the target language. We teach grammatical structures in a way which is at once lively and easy to grasp, and always practised by means of examples.

Special courses in correspondence or business language are given by qualified teachers who have specialised in the particular field concerned.

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